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Common Misconceptions in Aerodynamics: Part 8

Rear spoilers and wings still work even if a car has front-wheel drive. The claim: Spoilers are only for RWD cars since they make downforce at the rear. This myth has been around for a long time. I couldn't find any  examples of this misconception that didn't pile on additional myths. See if you can spot them all. This one can only be described as "confidently wrong." The reality: This myth is just one representation of a larger misconception. Online commenters seem to be fond of making pronouncements such as this, declaring with absolute certainty that some device or other will or will not work in a certain way. Often, their comments are accompanied by simple explanations. “That rear spoiler isn’t doing anything for your car because it’s FWD.” Or, “The angle of your wing is wrong; you should have a -5 degree angle from horizontal to make the most downforce.” Or, “Your spoiler is too high because it needs to ‘reach up’ only to the Template and it will create a locked