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Thinking About EV Efficiency

Bardeen Quad, UIUC, with the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory and Engineering Hall visible in the distance. When I came back to school and met with an advisor last summer before registering for my fall semester classes, I was gobsmacked to find that the university required me to take RHET 105, a 100-level freshman composition course. A perfect storm of stupidity happened to flail together: the Transfer Credit Office did not accept the freshman writing course I took in my first undergraduate degree program to satisfy this requirement (for whatever reason); SAT and ACT scores could not be submitted after admission to satisfy this requirement (my scores are more than twenty years old, but easily exceed the minimum for composition credit); none of my masters or doctoral coursework apparently satisfied this requirement, nor the fact that I have the master’s degree and have taught at 3 universities including this one . So, here I am—a victim of mindless university bureaucracy, stuck in a co