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Aerodynamic Modification Doesn't Have to be Expensive or Complicated

Reading through a Youtube post recently on the perceived roadblocks to aerodynamic modification, I was disheartened to see many commenters espouse the idea that effective mods require huge expenditures of money and time, lots of trial and error, or won’t be effective at (legal) road speeds and therefore aren’t worth doing. These attitudes couldn’t be more wrong: aerodynamic modification of road cars can be done very simply and cheaply, and the results can be dramatic.   Myth: To effectively modify your car’s aerodynamics requires a powerful computer and CFD or thousands of dollars’ worth of wind tunnel time.   Reality: CFD and wind tunnels are the two test environments most amateurs are somewhat familiar with and put a lot of faith in. However, there are huge problems with both of these, as I’ve intimated before in several posts .   CFD, or computational fluid dynamics, uses mathematics to model airflows. This can be a very useful tool in the initial development phase of a new ca